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Our Business Model

We are a nearshoring staffing company that boosts software development businesses’ team force through the allocation of remote developers. We take care of everything from the assignment of the right talent for your team to the arrangement of the overall back-office needs.
Our business model combines the best of both worlds: that of the outsourcing vendor and that of remote freelancers – plus some benefits we have gathered through years of working in the industry.

Our Service Agreement

You can leave us your details in our Contact Us section or give us a call at our contact number. Once we get in touch, we will collect your information in order to send you a custom proposal in under 2 hours!
As soon as you have looked through the proposal and have expressed your desire to work with us, we will send a service agreement to your inbox, which you will sign.That’s all we need to start working with you.
The contract with your developers ends as soon as you notify us after all bills are fully paid. No prior notice is needed, and there are no additional fees.
Sure, you can come see your remote team anytime to observe how they collaborate and solve problems, and to share your experience with them and work alongs[ide them.

Our rates & payment methods

Not at all. We have a flat hourly rate regardless of specialty. We can afford this because of the low cost of living here in Peru. This way, you can add a], highly skilled person to your team at a competitive price.
No, we take care of this process free of charge, regardless of how many times we have to do it. You only pay for the hours your remote developer works in your project.
We cons[ider the custom search as a part of our recruitment process and, as we have mentioned earlier, we never charge for this procedure.
No, we never charge for this process. We only start charging when the new or substitute member has assimilated all the necessary project knowledge to keep it running without any problems. In other words, when the team member is ready.
You only have to pay for the hourly rate of the developers assigned to your team. To calculate the costs we multiply the daily hours by the effective days your remote developers have worked during a certain period of time.
Every month we will send a digital invoice to your email, which must be pa[id off within the following 48 hours on business days .
We offer two payment methods. One of them is by international wire transfer to our bank account. The other one is via PayPal, but as this company collects a commission fee from every online payment, this percentage must be assumed by the client.