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Which Platforms Should You Use to Create a Social Media Presence This 2019?

There are various social networks around the internet and every year more of them appear. In the current social media landscape, it might be difficult to choose the ideal platform for your business. For this reason, we have gathered some information about the most popular social media so you can have a clearer idea of their usage and predominant audience.

Validating Your Product Ideas Through Surveys

As an entrepreneur, coming up with fresh ideas isn’t a challenge. You may have a whole notebook filled with project ideas, some of them more developed than others. However, you not only need a grand idea, but also an audience willing to buy or use your product. So the next logical step is to prove the sustainability of your product idea through a survey.

Why is this an important step? How can you start? And what tools can you use to create and distribute your survey to the right public? Find the answer to these questions in the next article.