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Steps to Take Before, During and After an Online Meeting to Make It Productive

Meetings are necessary for brainstorming sessions, to brief the specifications for a new project, to reach an agreement on important topics, to report about the state of an assignment, and so on. You can’t just avoid them and, as an entrepreneur, it’s likely you have come to like and appreciate meetings.

However, face-to-face and online meetings may present various problems that unnecessarily extend its duration and affect the good mood of your team. To make every meeting count and to change the negative perception your remote team has about online meetings, there are a few tips you can consider. In this article, we explain why each of them works.

Encouraging Your Developers Team to Innovate in One Simple Step

Innovation is not an exclusive outcome of artistic endeavors. Everyone can be creative in their own field, and software developers are not the exception. In fact, they have several skills associated to creativity, so it can be easier for them to become more creative. However, as project manager or leader, you cannot control what your co-workers do on their free time. Then, how do you become an ambassador for innovation and creativity to your team? The answer may not seem as hard as one would think. See how you can achieve this goal in our next article.