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Which Platforms Should You Use to Create a Social Media Presence This 2019?

There are various social networks around the internet and every year more of them appear. In the current social media landscape, it might be difficult to choose the ideal platform for your business. For this reason, we have gathered some information about the most popular social media so you can have a clearer idea of their usage and predominant audience.

Steps to Take Before, During and After an Online Meeting to Make It Productive

Meetings are necessary for brainstorming sessions, to brief the specifications for a new project, to reach an agreement on important topics, to report about the state of an assignment, and so on. You can’t just avoid them and, as an entrepreneur, it’s likely you have come to like and appreciate meetings.

However, face-to-face and online meetings may present various problems that unnecessarily extend its duration and affect the good mood of your team. To make every meeting count and to change the negative perception your remote team has about online meetings, there are a few tips you can consider. In this article, we explain why each of them works.

Three Indicators (And One Case Study) That Shows Peruvian Talent in the Software Development Industry Is a Reality

Although Peru is not considered outstanding in technological advancements, there sure is interest and enthusiasm in the IT industry (especially from young people following that career path,) as well as talented individuals and thriving start-up companies. There are talent and creativity in the sector, and organizations that promote the growth of the IT industry in Peru.

There are reasons to trust Peru as a software development outsourcing partner and in this article we will mention three indicators and one case study that show the increasing interest and current talent you can find in the software development industry.

Encouraging Your Developers Team to Innovate in One Simple Step

Innovation is not an exclusive outcome of artistic endeavors. Everyone can be creative in their own field, and software developers are not the exception. In fact, they have several skills associated to creativity, so it can be easier for them to become more creative. However, as project manager or leader, you cannot control what your co-workers do on their free time. Then, how do you become an ambassador for innovation and creativity to your team? The answer may not seem as hard as one would think. See how you can achieve this goal in our next article.

Validating Your Product Ideas Through Surveys

As an entrepreneur, coming up with fresh ideas isn’t a challenge. You may have a whole notebook filled with project ideas, some of them more developed than others. However, you not only need a grand idea, but also an audience willing to buy or use your product. So the next logical step is to prove the sustainability of your product idea through a survey.

Why is this an important step? How can you start? And what tools can you use to create and distribute your survey to the right public? Find the answer to these questions in the next article.

5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity in the Mornings

If we have a great morning, the odds are that our day will keep going that way, so in order to boost your productivity in the morning we have researched and found 5 ways to train yourself in order to give the best of you. Despite all of the options may not work for everyone, it will definitely shed light on how to stay productive throughout your working day.

What Does it Take to Hire an Offshore Development Team?

Outsourcing is a common option for companies that are trying to reduce their fixed costs. However, there are still some prejudices and fears in regards to the challenge of dividing your company, even more considering that an offshore model implies not only a long distance work relationship but also collaborating with people from a different culture, among other important matters. In this article, we will explore the issues to take into account when opting for offshore development.

The Role Of Women Developers: The Current Situation

In most countries, software development is a men-dominated field, while the number of women is still too limited in this kind of industry. Why is it important to add more women to the IT staff? How is this beneficial for companies? How can we do our part? The answers to these and more questions can be found in this article.

Hiring Web Developers in 2018: How Much Does It Cost?

Inasmuch as a business is growing, it will need more personnel with great talent and ability, able to meet the high expectations of the business’ clients and projects. Yet, talent with these characteristics are beyond your wage budget. What alternatives do you have for achieving high output without getting buried in debt along the way?